After Mini Camp

Well knowing John Fox's way of trying to hide his feelings, he might have let alot out of the bag this weekend. When asked if Matt Moore would be the starter, “Right now, [Moore] is the No. 1 quarterback," Fox said. “Those guys will decide that, not me." When asked how he felt about Jimmy Clausen, “He's a sharp guy,'' Fox said. “He picks things up very fast. He's sharp in football. I think that's key at the quarterback position. He's swimming right now. It's still new, new guys and you've got to get a feel for everybody. I thought he handled it well.'' That tells me that Fox is already leaning towards his draft pick over the replacement he had on the roster.


My Opinion on the new Panthers

I personally feel like Matt Moore will start the season. Clausen will be the #2 and Pike will be #3. That leaves Hunter Cantwell on the practice squad again. I cant imagine Moore lasting very long though. I would like for him to get an honest shot at the starting job but with Fox's job on the line, and Moore not really being Fox's guy, I think a similar situation to Rodney Peete, Jake Delhomme will happen.

Brandon LaFell, hopefully, will be the big receiver the Panthers need. Someone to take the pressure off of Smith. He is 6'2" and 211 lbs which makes him a big target no matter who the QB is. Armanti Edwards could be a great slot receiver. He has the ability to read defenses and has the ability to make defenders miss. We know Fox will try him at kick return but we will see if he can be converted to a slot guy. He has a lot of athletic ability so lets hope he's the next Steve Smith.

Fox added depth at DE, LB, and defensive secondary which was much needed. It would have been nice to see some defensive line help though.

Panther's Draft

Panthers Draft Notre Dame Quarterback Jimmie Clausen with their first pick (48th overall). Then in the third round, select LSU wide receiver Brandon LaFell, and App St. QB Armanti Edwards. Edwards will most likely be converted to a slot receiver and or kick returner. Later the Panthers added LB Eric Norwood, DE Greg Hardy, WR David Gettis, DB Jordan Pugh, QB, Tony Pike, DB R.J. Stanford, and DB Robert McClain. GM Marty Hurney has assured reporters that drafting 2.5 QB's does not mean they lack confidence in Matt Moore. Moore was assigned the starting position after Jake Delhomme was released earlier this off season.